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GaliX Universe

GaliX Universe 2112 - A world on the verge of destruction. After the attacks of alien monsters and the nations' disbandment, evil forces of rebellion rise and fight for the sovereignty of the new era. Endless wars and violence reigns, deafening the world with the sound of terror. Every extraterrestrial force wants a slice of the pie called Earth. Foreign invasion and internal conflicts continue for a long time. The universe gradually decays every second pass.
With your leadership, you can completely turn the tide! You are the Chosen one, talented enough to build a prosperous city, form well-trained elite robot armies, and recruit outstanding heroes. Get ready for the journey to explore the worlds, expand the territory and exploit all precious resources. Stand up and call on trusted allies. Defeat opponents that stand in your way and claim the ultimate glory.
To be the Savior or the sole Ruler of GaliX Universe? The choice is yours!
GaliXCity - Official Trailer
In this whitepaper, we would like to introduce some of the most unique information about the future and mission of the GaliXCity project.
GaliXCity is an RTS Online game project combined with Blockchain and NFT ecosystem. All valuable assets or the lands in the game's universe can be turned into NFTs. Land NFT is one of the most unique elements of this game, they are stored on the blockchain network and represent the ownership and development rights of the landowner in the game.
Players not only will be able to own the lands within the game, but can also collect resources and turn them into NFTs to trade with other players. All these digital assets are transparently, reliably traded on the blockchain and decentralized system.
The game has a lot of different modes, from fierce PVE campaigns with monsters from nowhere to real-time "10 vs 10" PVP battles: legion vs legion, alliance vs alliance... promises to satisfy even the pickiest players. In the future, more game modes, events, missions, campaigns, and tournaments will be added to the GaliX universe.
With new content, diverse and attractive gameplay, and the NFT ecosystem, we believe the project will bring a good experience to any gamer participating in the world of GaliXCity.
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