If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together. In GaliXCity too, if you want to go further and accomplish greater achievements, certainly cannot be "single-handed" but should join an alliance that can be trusted. To participate in big events like hunting Void Monsters or usurping Ancient Relics, having an Alliance is a prerequisite.

Since alliances play a huge role in gameplay, players are encouraged to join alliances as soon as possible. After you join the alliance, there are many features that you can explore and make good use for your city's development such as alliance shops, alliance technology institutes, alliance buildings …

Main features of Alliance:

  • Devotion: Where you contribute to alliance, the more you contribute, the more points of dedication & alliance funds you get.

  • Shop: Purchase goods alliance members only.

  • War Alert: A place to record information about alliance members' attacks or defenses against other forces. Let's rescue your allies right when they need your help!

  • Alliance Institute of Technology: Alliance leaders can use Alliance Funds to conduct research. Researching will increase manufacturing and military benefits: for instance, production speed, robot power, etc.

  • Alliance territories: Cities, territories, Ancient Relics that the alliance is occupying, the higher the level, the greater the bonus index.

  • Alliance Warehouse: Part of the resources mined in the alliance's territory will be stored in the alliance warehouse, members can request to use resources.

  • Alliance Mine: Players can only mine when they join the alliance, the allies gather together to build and exploit, the more members participate, the greater the benefits.

  • Training Camp: Allies send their soldiers to practice with other allies, the longer the drill, the greater the effect.

From the above information, it becomes clear that the role of the alliance is significant, so please join the alliance as soon as possible!

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