Game Economy

Play With Earn (PWE)

Recently you may be familiar with the phrase "Play to Earn (P2E)" from other Gamefi projects, but after observing & studying those projects carefully, we wonder: "Will the players participating in these projects is really getting a sense of "fun" while playing the game?". We are pretty sure the answer will be "No!", most of the P2E projects in the past mainly focused on the "To Earn" motivation rather than "Play". The experience of these projects is similar to a "money game", the participants are mostly investors and looking for ways to make a profit rather than enjoy the entertainment value of a gaming product. As for real gamers, the gameplay quality of these products is really not attractive enough to bring them a sense of attraction.

Our team comes from a Game Studio, our desire and mission are to be able to create entertainment products that can provide a fun, engaging experience for players. We want our GaliXCity to be a combination of both "Play" & "Earn" instead of just leaning in one direction of "Play or Earn".

Therefore, the term "Play With Earn" is our guiding light in the development of GaliXCity. GaliXCity promises to bring an interesting tactical role-playing world to attract players to explore and enjoy the game, but this world can also generate income for investors through its economic system.


Below is a diagram that shows the summary of the in-game economy. The economic system of the game will revolve around 4 main components:

  • Land NFTs

  • Hero NFTs

  • Resource NFTs

  • NEMO

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