There are several unique activities for you to experience in GaliXCity. Activities will be divided into 3 main categories:

  1. PvE

  2. PvP

  3. AvA

1. PvE

1.1. Campaign

This is the main PvE mode of the game. You need to directly control a group of recruited heroes to fight the enemies in the game. Who destroys the opponent's base first will win.

The gameplay is similar to the gameplay of the globally famous Clash Royale. While playing this game, the most important things to win are a strategy of using the heroes and comprehending their skills.

General rules of Campaign mode:

  • Players need to have a Deck with 30 Unit points to start fighting. (1 Hero costs 1 Unit point, can choose the same Hero up to 6 times. Similarly, you need at least 5 different Heroes, each Hero fights in the same battle up to 6 times).

  • Real-time fighting, “drag-and-drop” your Hero to unleash.

  • Each side starts with 4 default Heroes. In every 10 seconds, the system will draw 1 random Hero from the Deck for players to use.

  • Each Hero that enters battle costs your Battle Points. Initially, the battle system gives you 30 points, every 1 second 2.5 points will be added.

  • Control the Hero to destroy the enemy’s base.

1.2. Explore:

There is such a huge number of monsters in the wilderness. You can use a Robot army to fight against and hunt them down. The rewards when destroying a monster are also plentiful and you can use them to build your city.

Most monsters can be hunted with a small-scale march, but some special monsters require you to join an alliance to conquer. There are also special monsters that you must obtain a special item to summon.

General rules of Explore mode:

  • The Conquest Robot army consists of 4 types of troops. You are able to send 5 Heroes to increase the strength of the Robot army.

  • The armies have mutual resistance, so players can organize formations to increase the winning rate.

  • When entering the battle, the Robots will automatically attack each other.

  • The Heroes that enter battle automatically launch skills to support the Robots.

  • In addition to the 4 types of troops, the defenders will have more fortresses to be more advanced.

  • The outcome of the battle will depend entirely on the strengths of the two sides.

  • Destroy all defenders, you will win.

  • There are many damaged Robots which need to be repaired to continue fighting after each fight.

2. PvP

2.1. Peak Battle

Compete for higher rankings in the arena - Peak Battle is the main PvP mode of the game from the early stage of the game. It’s similar to Conquest mode, but this time you not only control your hero squad against monsters but a “one-on-one” battles switching between defense and attack with another city's hero squad.

When reaching a higher rank in the Peak Battle leaderboard, you will receive a daily amount of valuable rewards. Therefore, understand clearly the heroes you own, their skills and characteristics to come up with reasonable tactics in each battle.

2.2. Conquest

In addition to mining, battling or participating in campaigns to earn resources to build cities, there is a more obvious and "brutal" way to be able to own a large number of resources. This way is to pull your troops to take over another city.

When successfully conquering another city, the winner will receive abundant resources which the defeated city possesses. However, please note, if you drag the entire army of Robots to conquer, it means that your city will also have no defenders, then your city will also be vulnerable prey to the enemies. Remember to link up with your Alliance to come up with reasonable offensive and defensive tactics.

In addition to the 4 types of troops, the defenders will have more fortresses to be more advanced.

If in Peak Battle, Campaign is the place to show the fighting skills of heroes and generals in real combat, then Conquest and Defense is the place for leaders to show their military and diplomatic talents.

3. AvA

3.1. Conquer the Ancient Relics

In the GaliX World, there are quite many Ancient Relics scattered on the map, each Ancient Relic will have a unique stat which helps increase total stats and daily gifts for any alliance to conquer.

  • When an alliance enters the Ancient Relics successfully, the other alliances will become their enemies.

  • During the competition for the Ancient Relics, successful conquering the Ancient Relics will receive a number of generous rewards.

  • After occupying an Ancient Relic, you must defend it for 8 hours to be considered fully successful.

  • The leader of the alliance can designate members to hold Ancient Relics and he will receive many rewards, alliance members will receive daily gifts and stat buffs.

3.2. Corps

Players conduct registration, the match will be divided into 2 legions, each team has 10 cities against each other.

  • Whoever destroys the enemy base first will win

  • Combat steps:

    • Step 1: Conquer the targets on the map to accumulate points

    • Step 2: Redeem power-up points

    • Step 3: Continue to fight to win.

  • At the end of the activity, gifts will be distributed based on the ranking.

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