Mining & Explore

Through mining and battles, you will obtain the necessary resources to develop your city.

  1. Mining

  2. Explore

1. Mining:

There are 4 main resources and many other auxiliary items that you may need during the construction of the city. The four main resources are Crystal, Metal, Fuel, Electricity.

You can build factories to mine and use these resources in your city or harvest them from the resource mines in the danger zones.

However, the natural resource is limited, which urged all the forces to compete fiercely and win the right to exploit.

2. Explore

In GaliXCity you can build different buildings in your city. Construction of buildings requires a lot of time and resources. As your level gets higher, it will be difficult to meet the demand by just relying on the resources available in the city.

Destroying foreign armies is also a way to replenish resources and loot, which is already very scarce. Everywhere in the GaliX Universe exist evil forces lurking. The stronger the enemy, the more valuable the loot. Especially the Void Monster Boss and the Space Thieves Leader, they are two big and powerful forces. It will take coordination between the members of the alliance to ensure victor.

In addition to resources and booties, you can also earn EXP of Mastery by hunting monsters. The EXP of Mastery can be used to gain new skills.

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