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Build City

Build a futuristic city according to your wishes!
In GaliXCity you are free to build different structures in your city. Building structures takes time and resources. The higher the architecture level, the more time and resources required
A city in GaliXCity
We are going to introduce 4 main features to build and upgrade your city:
  1. 1.
    Build city
  2. 2.
    Recruit heroes
  3. 3.
    Build robot
  4. 4.
    Research technology

1. Build city

There are many types of structure in a city; however, they can be divided into two main categories: Management and production.
+ Management: The buildings help the operation of the city & foreign affairs. Some important main structures of this type can be mentioned as follows:
  • Central Tower: The most important structure, determines the level and functions of the city.
  • Research Institute: Research technology to increase military forces and speed up production.
  • Trade Center: Trade goods within cities or alliances.
  • Central Square: Hero Training.
  • Military Tower: Operate & upgrade robot armies for conquests.
+ Production: Buildings for resource production & troop upgrading. Some important main structures of this type can be mentioned as follows:
  • Robot Workshop: Workshop for manufacturing and assembling Infantry Robots, Reconnaissance Robots, Heavy-duty Robots.
  • Crystal Mine: Mining Crystals
  • Metal Factory: Metal Production
  • Fuel Workshop: Exploiting Fuel
  • Power Station: Harnessing Electricity
Structure upgrade

2. Recruit heroes:

In this post-apocalyptic era, there are many talented heroes wandering around the world. They will be very useful for your PVE & PVP campaigns, or will help manage the buildings for you, and command the robot army in the city.
All heroes have their own special active and passive skills that require players to use to find the right calculation.
Heroes in GaliXCity are divided into 6 ranks: D, C, B, A, S, SSS.. The higher the rank, the stronger the hero's skills, the more effective the city management will be.
Especially since these heroes can be converted into NFTs, you can completely trade these NFT heroes on the Marketplace.
Hero B=>A=>S=>SsS

3. Build robots:

Heroes will mostly be the mainstay of battles in the form of the Campaign, while the long-term expeditions such as occupying mines, taking over Ancient Relics, attacking other cities …, the main combatants of this mode will be robot armies. The more Robots the city owns, the more powerful and advanced the Robots, the more powerful the military.
There are 4 types of Robots: Infantry Robot, Sniper Robot, Armored Robot, Spaceship. Each type has 4 levels that can be promoted.
These 4 types of robot have the ability to overcome each other: Infantry Robots > Sniper Robots > Armored Robots > Spaceship > Infantry Robots.
Players can enhance the combat power and AI for Robots by upgrading specialized Robot factories. Because resources are limited, you need to consider which type of Robot to upgrade to support your city strategy!
4. Technology research
Technology is at the core of the development of a city.
  • Research Institute: The higher the level of your city's technology research institute, the more advanced technologies can be researched to increase production speed and Robot power.
  • Alliance of technology: You can also develop some other forms of technology by becoming part of an alliance. Each alliance has its own research institute where you can contribute your resources to develop new technology. These technologies bring huge benefits to your city while you are still a member of the alliance.
Research Center