NFTs Land

LAND is a type of encrypted real estate (ERC-721 standard) and the building block of GaliX Universe. The entire GaliX World will only have a limited amount of Land which is 7,744 Lands (88x88):

  • Level 1: 2560 Lands

  • Level 2: 2048 Lands

  • Level 3: 1536 Lands

  • Level 4: 1024 Lands

  • Level 5: 512 Lands

  • Level 6: 64 Lands

Note: Land will be released gradually according to the size of the GaliXCity community. Land will be released through INO/IGO rounds on Gamefi platforms. In the first version, only 500 pieces of Land will be unlocked.

The closer to the center of the Land, the higher the bigger quantity and better quality of resource will be spawned.

OwningLand is equivalent to owning all the land with the same coordinates in the game from all GaliXCity servers. So you not only benefit from the current value of the game but also contribute to the construction and development of the project’s future.

Land development

Each piece of Land when spawned will have a default level:

  • Depending on the location, the initialization level of Land is specified

  • Land near the center has a higher based level, the highest based level a Land can reach is 6.

  • All Lands are upgradeable up to a maximum of Level 8.

  • Based on the average level of the Land near each other, they will produce resources corresponding to the level.

Land upgrade:

  • To level up Land requires 2 types of resources: Active Points and NEMO. The higher the level, the more resources are required.

  • Cities that are active on Land for 1 day will generate a certain amount of Active Points. This point will be counted and added to the Land every day.

  • NEMO can be obtained through participating in PvP, PvE, AvA activities in the game or buying NEMO through Blockchain trading platforms

Land development benefits

Let's see what benefits we can get from developing Land

  1. Active Points: High-level Land will produce rich and valuable resources (stellar mines, Metal mines, fuel mines, monsters, etc.) => Attracts many cities and overpopulated Alliances to come to your Land => Generates many Active Points/day.

  2. NFTs Resource Revenue: Everyday Landowners will receive an additional 1% revenue from the NFTs Resources that spawned in their Land.

  3. Mystery House: Mystery House can be built on Land. After a period of time, Landowner can use NEMO tokens as a fee to create 1 random Hero NFT. The higher the Land level, the shorter the waiting time + The stronger the Hero will be.

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